Tyrone Martinsson

Tyrone Martinsson is senior lecturer in photography at Academy Valand, University of Gothenburg. He works with Environmental photography and its applications within the global challenges connected to climate change, environmental issues and human/environment relationships. He has performed research on the Arctic using re-photographic methods for cross-disciplinary studies that address contemporary and historical descriptions of the landscape in Arctic Svalbard and how our view of nature and landscape changes over time.

In 2003 he was awarded a PhD at the University of Westminster in London for his dissertation entitled Photographic Archaeology and Nils Strindberg’s Photographs from the AndrĂ©e Polar Expedition 1896-1897, that made visible how photo archives and collections can be brought to life using photographs as documents and artistic representations. 

He is currently pursuing research on Arctic glaciers and their history where stories of ice are generated through photography and visual histories (Darkness on the edge of the world - stories of ice and light)

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