Tina Enghoff

Tina Enghoff is a photographer and visual artist who works primarily with social topics. Topics such as illegal migrants, women exposed to violence, homelessness and loneliness. Her two latest projects, published as books in the spring of 2017, have been in collaboration with the police and deal with hate crime and in collaboration with prison priest Kamille Nygård with a focus on isolation in Danish prisons and recently in Berg Fengsel in Tønsberg, exhibited in Bending the Frame at Preus museum.


Tina Enghoff is currently artistically responsible for a 3-year research project at Greenland, primarily involving young Greenlanders looking at themselves and portraying their everyday lives through photography. She is also currently involved in making a teaching film for the Correctional Service about a 19-year-old girl's thoughts and reflections about her father who has been in prison. 

She has published several books and has been exhibited internationally at museums and galleries.

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