Safety at Preus museum regarding Covid-19

foto: Christine Wendelborg/Preus museum

To keep your visit at Preus museum safe, we are following the guidelines from the authorities regarding infection control considerations.

  • The visitors must keep the one-meter distance to each other and to the museum staff.
  • We urge everyone to wash their hands well before and after the visit.
  • You will find disinfectant in the exhibition areas and we are washing and disinfecting the venue frequently.
  • We urge our visitors to “travel light” since the locker rooms are closed due to infection control considerations, and it is prohibited to bring big bags and umbrellas into the museum.
  • We regret that some technique with contact surfaces has been removed in the exhibitions due to infection control considerations.
  • If you are feeling ill, we urge you to stay at home.

Groups can now book guided tours again. There will be some restrictions. Please contact us at, to get information.



We are looking forward to seeing you again!


Opening hours:

January - June / August - December                                                    

Wednesday – Friday                     11-15

Saturday – Sunday                       11-16


Tuesday – Sunday                        11-16