Currently our capacity for loans is limited, but we will thoroughly consider the possibility for your application.

Who is entitled to borrow?

• Museums
• Cultural historical institutions
• Embassies
• Ministries, with intent to promote Norwegian culture

Selecting objects:

• In conversation with the museum's staff

Application deadlines:

• Larger loans and loans to permanent exhibitions required application a minimum of one (1) year in advance.
• Smaller loans and loans to temporary exhibitions required application six (6) months in advance.

Facilities and security

To approve loans, the Preus Museum is using survey reports that are intended as a means for the preserving staff and the borrower to identify any practical considerations regarding, such as climate, packing, transport, installation and handling.

• A survey report must be completed by all museums, galleries and lending institutions, regardless of the type of collection or size.
• The Preus Museum must approve showrooms and security conditions before a loan.
• The Preus Museum is entitled to inspect the exhibition during the lending period.
• The items/photographs on loan must be installed/placed in accordance with the requirements of the photograph conservator.
• The values of humidity, temperature and light will be determined depending on the lent material.


• The Preus Museum will decide if the objects can be lent during the requested period. If the object is already on display in a permanent exhibition or there are concrete plans to use the object, this will have an impact on the outcome of the lending application.
• The object’s condition will be considered in each case. If it is decided that the condition of an object is unstable, the museum must perform stabilizing steps before a loan can take place.
• For larger exhibition projects the lending process will be affected.
• When a loan has been approved/rejected the applicant will be notified in writing about this.

Loan Agreement


The Preus Museum will prepare a written agreement, signed by both parties, where all aspects related to the length of the loan and other conditions are specified.
Condition report

Every object in a loan will be evaluated by the photograph conservator and a condition report will be made. The report is regarded a legal document in the event of damage or loss of the object during the loan.
Length of loan

The museums photograph conservator can approve loans for up to five (5).

Extension of an already signed loan can only happen after a new written application.

Request for extension of a loan must take place at least six (6) months in advance.

If one of the objects applied for is stored as landfill at Preus museum, it must be approved by the board of the museum before the administration can approve the loan.


• Agreed upon signing the contract

• Insurance must be met by the borrower.

• The Preus Museum may require a courier to accompany the subject during transport. The courier participates in packing, transport and mounting/demounting the objects. The courier has the authority to make decisions regarding the handling and safety of the objects during transport. The courier is controlling the climatic and safety conditions as stated in the contract. In addition, the courier is responsible for ensuring that the borrower accepts and signs the condition reports upon arrival and return.

•In some cases, it can be necessary to perform conservations on some objects. As well as the need for special mounting of the objects. In these cases, the cost allocations will be evaluated. For larger loans that require involvement of additional personnel for preparation, preservation and packaging, the Preus Museum has the option to claim compensation for any additional costs.

• For each object, there will be an administration fee of NOK 1.000.- in addition to all other expenses such as transportation, courier, insurance and any additional ordering photo.

Loss of or damage to the subject

Any loss of or damage to the subject must be reported immediately to the Preus Museum.


Preus museum will only accept written applications sent by letter or email.

Applications should be sent to:
Preus museum
Att.: Director Ingrid Nilsson
PO Box 254
3192 Horten

E-mail: ingrid.nilsson[at]