The Library, 2013 (photo: Andreas Harvik/Preus museum)

The Preus Museum library is a public research library for photography in a broad sense. The collection consists of ca. 30,000 volumes and has a comprehensive gathering of periodicals with ca. 1,000 titles.

Central subjects in the collection:

  • Older natural science relevant to the prehistory of photography
  • History of photography
  • History of the camera
  • Photographic handbooks
  • Micro- and Macrophotography
  • Stereo photography
  • Color photography

Thematic groupings:

  • Portraits
  • Figure [Nude]
  • Nature
  • Landscape
  • Press [Journalism]

Works by and about Norwegian and foreign photographers. Pictorial works of national and local historical interest.
Loans of books may be ordered through other technical and public libraries. Parts of the collection cannot be borrowed, but must be used at the library's reading areas.
The library has 12 such reading areas, and you can make arrangements with the library via email:

Opening hours:

The library is closed until 11.4.2019
Thursdays and Fridays 12-15, or by individual appointments.

Tel: 40442102
Switchbord: 33031630