Preus Museum – An exciting place to visit!

Welcome to the Preus Museum - a treasure trove of photographs, technical equipment and photo literature in a historic building rebuilt and decorated by Professor architect Sverre Fehn.

The museum's permanent exhibition "A photo history" shows the technical development of photography from camera obscura to today's mobile cameras and the development in photographs from older techniques to today's digital images.

Foto: Andreas Harvik/Preus museum

The two galleries show changing exhibitions throughout the year with different emphasis on artistic and cultural-historical photography. The Preus Museum presents the breadth of photography and covers the artistic, cultural-historical and technical aspects. The museum also has a specialist library of international standard.

The Preus Museum is the national photo museum that was established in 1995, when the state bought the collections from the private Preus Photomuseum.
The museum's collections consist of Norwegian and international photography, cameras and other objects that illuminate the development of photography.


Foto: Arne B. Langleite

Preus museum ligger i fjerde etasje i Magasin A på idylliske Karljohansvern i Horten, med innredning tegnet av professor arkitekt Sverre Fehn. Museets, bygningens og stedets historie er uvanlig og spennende.

The story of the museum

The museum was opened in 1976 on Langgaten in Horten. At first it was envisioned as a small, private exhibition space for employees of Preus Foto A/S and others with a special interest in...

The History of the Building

Preus Museum is situated on the fourth floor of Magasin A, a building constructed in the 1860s for the Navy. It was probably designed by Captain Poul Lemvig Thrane (1814-1892).