Exhibition inquiries

Preus Museum has a long exhibition horizon and a thoroughly prepared program of exhibitions.

Preus Museum normally offers two exhibition periods per year, and will not exhibit separate- og group shows upon applications. The museum is active
in searching the photographers, artists and exhibitions that fills the museum's exhibition policy.

The museum's exhibition program shows Norwegian and international photography and photographs from the collection in a way that will provide
commentary on the history of photography. The museum has a long exhibition horizon and shows a combination of self-produced and borrowed
exhibitions of national and international origin.

The Photography Day is a god occasion to present ongoing projects for a large audience.

Every year, the Photography Day hosts its own juried exhibition. Submission takes place from end March until the deadline expires in late May. The Photography Day is held a Sunday in late August, and is a good place to showcase ongoing projects. 

From Photography Day (photo: Arne B. Langleite/Preus museum)