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Photography Day 2022 - Queer edition

© Paulina Tamara, Pride Cruise, 2022. Fotomontasje basert på originalmateriale etter Berg & Høeg. Preus museums samling



Welcome to Photography Day 2022 - Queer edition Saturday August 27 at Preus Museum and Artilleriverkstedet!

In 2022, it is 50 years since homosexuality was decriminalized in Norway, which is celebrated all over the country through various exhibitions and events connected to the Queer Culture Year. At the Preus Museum, the suffrage activists, and photographers Marie Høeg (1866-1949) and Bolette Berg (1872-1944) invite to the exhibition Over the Rainbow, salon programs and other activities, and Photography Day this year is a "queer edition" with this as an underlying theme. The Photography Day 2022 is a "queer edition" with this as an underlying theme. 

Photography has a central place in staging, documentation, and experimentation around the concept of identity. With the aid of the photograph, the photographer can take control of his/her own representation. For Marie and Bolette, photography was more than a technique; it was a safe space that created an intimate public. How can we use photography today to explore different forms of identity? Can we still be inspired by Marie and Bolette?

A night of party and pleasure - open to all - on Friday 26 August in the Artilleriverkstedet. More here!

Open call - juried exhibition: The list of the exhibitors is official! see it here

This year's festival exhibitor is Paulina Tamara! Read about her, and her brand new project Marie & Bolette + Paulina here

Curious? Get to know more about Marie Høeg and Bolette Berg

Berg & Høeg, Marie Høeg with moustache, 1895-1903. Preus Museum's collection

(A color filter is applied to the original image, and the background is removed)