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Photography Day 2019

Welcome to a day of celebrating photography! We're taking the Photography Day back to it's roots and serve a full day event with exhibitions, lectures and activities. Everything with one foot in photo!

The Photography Day 2019 will be held on Sunday 18 August at Karljohansvern in Horten.
Preus Museum collaborates with the Norwegian photography organizations to create a day that shows the breadth of photography.




Did you know that the date is not randomly chosen? August 19 is considered the birthday of photography. It was the day the invention of Jacques Louis Mandé Daguerre was published to the whole world, an invention that would change the way we see the world. 


This year's theme is Animalistic!

How are animals and wildlife interpreted in photography by nature photographers, documentaries, amateurs and artists?

Animasjon av Eadweard Muybridge, Animal Locomotion, Plate 769, 1887. Tilhører Preus museums samling



We look forward to presenting an exciting theme through exhibitions, lectures and activities!

Festival exhibitor Audun Rikardsen

If you've seen one of Rikardsen's images, you'll remember! This year's festival exhibitor is a biologist and photographer. He starts off with an idea, and is driven by solving what may seem impossible. His specialty is split images, letting us experience the contrast between life above and below water.

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Juryed exhibition

This year's exhibitors are ready! The jury has selected contributions with both this year's theme, Animalistic, and pictures and photo series with an open theme. 47 photographers have been selected and will be exhibiting indoors in the Artilleriverkstedet.
See list of exhibitors here.


Fra Juryert utstilling 2018 (foto: Ingri Østerholt/Preus museum)



©Audun Rikardsen

1200 - 1300:
Festival exhibitor Audun Rikardsen is a very dedicated narrator who will give insight into how he works.


© Lee Miller Archives, England 2019. All rights reserved
Lee Miller, Gezira Sporting Club, Cairo, Egypt 1938’ by Unknown Photographer

1330 - 1430:
The Legendary Lee Miller
Antony Penrose tells the amazing story of his mother Lee Miller. Get first-hand knowledge of the legendary photographer, artist, model, war correspondent, chef and human Lee Miller!

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