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Kid's Photography Day

From Kid's Photo Day 2015. Photographed with a paint box camera! Photo: Aiofe.

Kid's Photography Day is perfect for those who think it's fun with photography (and are under 16 years)!

Have you heard of a pinhole camera? Would you like to evoke images in a darkroom? Kid's Photography Day is taking place the same day as World Pinhole Day, which is the last Sunday of April each year.

Enthusiasts worldwide is celebrating World Pinhole Day with the world's simplest camera, a box with a small hole.


Going into the Darkroom and photographing with a pinhole camera

Fra Barnas fotodag 2015. Bildet er tatt med en malingsboks som kamera! Foto: Linnea.

This year you have to pre-register to the darkroom, you must pre-order (and pay) ticket in advance. There is a limited number of seats! If you don’t want to participate in the darkroom activities, you don’t have to pre-order. The groups are divided into a timetable, the first one is for taking the picture, and the development of the negative. The second timetable is for making the contact copy.

You will find the entries for the registration in different groups below:


Eventbrite - Mørkeromskurs gruppe 1 [Barnas fotodag] 
  • Kl 1210-1255 og 1345-1415
 Eventbrite - Mørkeromskurs gruppe 2 [Barnas fotodag]
  • Kl 1300-1340 og 1505-1535
Eventbrite - Mørkeromskurs gruppe 3 [Barnas fotodag]
  • Kl 1420-1500 og 1615-1640
 Eventbrite - Mørkeromskurs gruppe 4 [Barnas fotodag]
  • Kl 1540-1610 og 1640-1700


Light Graffiti

Foto: Marit Silsand

This year we have a new workshop: Light Graffiti.

You simply open the shutter on a camera and “paint” in the air with a light source. In this way you capture the movement of the light source on the image.

The kids will participate in every level from start to finish.


Shadow Theatre

Kattas figurteater gir liv til fotomuseets tause skyggefigurer!

Kattas Puppetry plays performances with the museum's shadow figures at 12.30 PM and 2 PM. After the performances you can create your own shadow figures and learn how to play with them by the experts!

Mini Studio

Take a selfie using some of our props - you can either use your own phone or borrow a camera from us.

Sun Print

Create your own pictures using the sun, water and a magic paper!

Negatives and various objects placed on a blue paper are exposed to sunlight and then rinsed in water. Voila, you have a beautiful, lasting photogrammetric and you have also learned something about photography and how the light is leaving its mark on the sensitive material.

Cyanotype is a photographic process from the 1840s.


Even more...

...and she has made her own button (photo: Ingri Østerholt/Preus museum)

Let your creativity flow in our button workshop and participate in our outdoor photo rebus where you can borrow one of the museum's cameras and solve an exciting task – you photograph the answer!


Frøken Anna is bringing delicious coffee and cakes!

Foto: Anne Beate Bjerknæs

Foto: Anne Beate Bjerknæs


Kids Photography Day Sunday 24. april 12-5 PM.


Darkroom and all the other activities(Note! Pre-registration)

60,- NOK

All activities (except the darkroom)

40,- NOK

No activities


Ordinary entrance fee for others:


60,- NOK


50,- NOK


40,- NOK