Eyes as big as plates

© Hjort & Ikonen, Field notes, Hebrides

The ongoing photography series Eyes as Big as Plates started out in 2011 studying personifications of nature and folkloric explanations of natural phenomena. A decade later it has evolved into a continual search for modern human’s belonging in nature, taking the Norwegian-Finnish artist duo Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen to fifteen countries on a quest to understand our relationship with our surroundings.

The series features portraits produced in collaboration with retired wrestling coaches, surfers, zoologists, plumbers, opera singers, pub patrons, Sami reindeer herders, Aboriginal uncles, kantele players, wild boar hunters and fishermen across four continents. Riitta and Karoline look forward to presenting field notes, process images and snippets from their upcoming book Eyes as Big as Plates 2, along with their favourite tips on how to best approach strangers, where to go (and where not to go) hunting for beach cabbage, and how to shoot with medium format cameras in all weather conditions.

Lecture in English on Photography Day August 28 at 4.30 PM 

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Photography Day

© Hjort & Ikonen, Field notes, Senegal (photo: Jennifer Houdrouge)

Eyes as Big as Plates # Boubou (Senegal 2019) © Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen

© Hjort & Ikonen, Svullrya (photo: Nina Nordboe/NRK)

Eyes as Big as Plates # Sinikka (Norge 2019) © Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen

© Karoline Hjort & Riitta Ikonen, Hebrides

© Hjort & Ikonen, Field notes, Senegal