Juried exhibition

Would you like to exhibit your photos on Photography Day? Whether you are an amateur or professional, artistic or commercial photographer, you are welcome to submit your photos.

The deadline for submission was 27 May 2015, and the site is now closed for new entries.

Every year on a Sunday at the end of August, a day-long celebration of photography takes place at Karljohansvern in Horten. Preus Museum works with Norwegian photography organizations to create a day that reveals the broad range of photography. It's a festive day for the whole family, with exhibitions, talks and activities for all; families, professionals, artists and amateurs. For many, the main attraction is the juried exhibition.

You are invited to submit photos to the juried exhibition. You can submit up to ten images, and you are free to select your subject. The photos should display a thematic connection even if they are not necessarily a series.

The images are selected by a jury of experts who look for images with visual quality. The jury is free to choose the images to be displayed. Employees by Preus museum can not participate in the exhibition.
The selected photographers will get confirmation of the participation in June. The jury will award the most interesting contributions. The three winners will be announced on Photography Day August 23.


On Photography Day on August 23, the photographers/exhibitors will mount the photographs themselves at the outdoor venue. The pictures should be mounted without unframed.

Photography Day is organized by Preus Museum in collaboration with the The Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers, The Association of the Institution Photographers, the Norwegian Society for Photography, the Norwegian Advertising Photographers, the Press Photographers, the Norwegian Nature Photographers, the Norwegian Photographer’s Association and the Norwegian Photo Historical Society.

Juried exhibition

Juried exhibition Photography Day (photo: Arne B. Langleite/Preus museum)