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Former Photography days

A listing of all the former Photography days since 2007.

Former Photography days

Fotografiets dag (foto: Arne B. Langleite/Preus museum)

Photography Day 2021 - corona edition

We're planning Photography Day 2021! This year, due to the pandemic, we will have to prepare for some limitations in the program, but we are still very much looking forward to making...

Photography Day 2020

Canceled: Photography Day 2020 is canceled due to the corona virus situation.

Photography Day 2019

Photography Day 2019 is held Sunday August 18. august at Karljohansvern in Horten

Photography Days 2018

The Photography Days 2018 is held 17. -19. of August in Horten

Photography Days 2017

The Photography Days 2017 are held 19th and 20th of August

Photography Day 2015

Photography day 2015 was held Sunday 23th of August 12-17.

Photography day

Photography day 2014 is held Sunday 24th of August 12-17. Welcome to a celebration of photography and its 175th anniversary!

Photography Day 2013

Photography day 2013 was a beautiful day with 1200 visitors that experienced a wide variety of exhibitions, talks, guided tours and different activities in the wondeful weather.

Photography day 2012

The theme for this year's event was amateur photography. This was reflected both in the museum's summer exhibition and in the choice of festival photographer, despite different aesthetics and approach to photography.

Photography day 2011

The theme for Photography Day 2011 was documentary photography

Photography day 2010

Photography day 2010 had the portrait photography as its theme

Photography day 2009

The theme for the Photography day 2009 was the amateur photography

Photography day 2008

In 2008, Morten Andersen sat the tone with his rock'n roll photography in black and white

Photography day 2007

The world's first Photography day in Preus museum was held the 19th of August 2007!