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Biography - Katrine Christie (1908-1997)

Katrine Christie was born in Vang in the mountainous district of Valdres. She took a degree in agriculture from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Copenhagen. It is unclear whether she ever took a formal education in photography, but she had grown up with her father’s darkroom. 

In 1938 she married Nils Aas in New York and worked as a freelance photographer there until she was hired as a photographer in July 1941 at Little Norway, the Norwegian Air Force’s training camp outside of Toronto. There, she photographed all the new arrivals for ID cards, took pictures to be used in the training sessions, and documented important events at the camp. Her marriage with Aas was short-lived, but the photographs from this period on the Digitaltmuseum website are credited to Katrine Aas.

In November 1943 she was transferred to England, where she worked as a photographer at the Norwegian government-in-exile’s headquarters at Kingston House in London. After the war she worked for a while at the Norwegian office for lost servicemen, before going back to the US for a few years. Her archive of negatives, which she stored in two suitcases, perished in a fire in Kjeller outside of Oslo in the late 1940s.

Katrine Christie was employed as a female inspector in the Norwegian Air Force in 1954, a position she remained in until 1973.


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