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Biography - Gerda Grepp (1907–1940)

Gerda Grepp was the daughter of Rachel and Kyrre Grepp, two prominent figures in the radical labour movement, and for her it was a matter of course to stand on the barricades.

She became Norway’s first female war correspondent when she in 1936 travelled to Spain to cover the civil war there for the social democratic press with her pen and camera. Her reports were sent home to Arbeiderbladet and other social democratic newspapers throughout Scandinavia.

In 1937 she became a member of a workers’ photographic society (Arbeidernes fotolag), and many of her reports from Spain were supplemented with pictures she took herself. She var particularly interested in the women – the mothers and their children – and continued to tell their stories even after the Spanish Civil War was over.

Grepp suffered from tuberculosis and died on 29 August 1940 at the tender age of 33. If she had lived longer, she would undoubtedly have continued to submit memorable reports and pictures, including from the Second World War.


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Unknown photographer, portrait of Gerda Grepp