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Biography - Elisabeth Meyer (1869-1968)

Elisabeth Meyer was a prominent journalist, photographer, and lecturer already by 1935. 

She had also published the travelogues En kvinnes ferd til Persia (A woman’s journey to Persia, 1930) and En kvinnes ferd gjennem India (A woman’s journey through India, 1933).

She became a member of the photography club Oslo Kamera Klubb (OKK) in 1932, and at one of the club’s meetings she was advised to get a proper education within photography. This led her first to Schule Reimann in Berlin 1937–38 and then in August 1938 to Budapest, where she studied under József Pésci.

When Nazi Germany invaded Norway in April 1940, Meyer was on assignment in Finnmark in the northernmost region of Norway, and throughout the entire war she continued to travel around the country and document everyday life. Of course, on 8 May 1945 she also photographed the celebrations in the streets when the war ended, as well as the release of the prisoners from the Grini concentration camp outside of Oslo.

Meyer submitted articles and pictures to illustrated books, newspapers, and magazines such as Urd and Hjemmet. In 1949, she published the children’s book De små og store dyra våre (Our small and large animals) with her own pictures and text.


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Elisabeth Meyer, studio portrait, 1930-tallet, unknown photographer