Wall of fame: Arnold Newman

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Arnold Newman (1918-2006) wanted his portraits to show the special relationship the person had with her or his world via symbolism and physical surroundings.

Newman studied art early in his career, and he had a special empathy for the artists he portayed. He still stressed that even though the portayed is unknown, or already forgotten, the photograph still has to interest and excite the viewer.

"I didn't just want to make a photograph with some things in the background," Newman told American Photo magazine in an interview. "The surroundings had to add to the composition and the understanding of the person. No matter who the subject was, it had to be an interesting photograph. Just to simply do a portrait of a famous person doesn't mean a thing."

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Wall of fame: Arnold Newman

© Arnold Newman, Igor Stravinskij, New York, 1946. Preus museum's collection.