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Wall of Fame/august: Carl Strüwe

From 28.07.15
To 23.08.15

Carl Strüwe (1898-1986) was the first photographer who created an original artistic oeuvre based on microphotography.

Strüwe was trained as a graphic artist. His book "Formen des Mikrokosmos – Gestalt und Gestaltung einer Bilderwelt” (Prestel Verlag, München, 1955), with its 96 photographic prints, represents the core of his oeuvre in this field. With his later work from the mid-1950s, Strüwe belonged to the photographic avantgarde of Otto Steinert’s "subjective photography” in West Germany.


Carl Strüwe, Arktische Landschaft (Kristalle von Kaliumchlorid), 1000:1 (Arktisk landskap. Krystall fra Kaliumklorid).  Fotografier fra serien Formen des Mikrokosmos. 1926 - 1955. Tilhører Preus museums samling.

Wall of Fame/august: Carl Strüwe

Bau einer Seeigelstachels. Querschnitt. 120:1 (Cross section of a sea urchin. Photograph from the series Formen des Mikrokosmos) 1926 - 1959. Belongs to Preus museum's collection.