Roy Rasmussen, Tid, Sted, Rom 60+ - Utvalgte bilder, 2020

(photo: Ana Gonçalves/Preus museum)

At the beginning of their retirement, many people ask themselves the question, «who am I supposed to be now? ». Some of us have our plans ready for when we retire, but many people fear retirement. Many existential questions can arise at the end of working life. An individual’s identity can be so closely connected to their work that once their working life is over, one experience an identity crisis. 

In the spring of 2020, Norway went into lockdown. The world was suddenly very different, and many parts of life had to be set on pause. Plans had to be cancelled, and people could no longer meet each other like they used to. This change also impacted the project TIME, PLACE, ROOM. What was intended to be a busy spring and summer, with workshops and exhibitions, was suddenly turned into vacant space within the calendar. Simultaneously, as Norway went into lockdown, the senior curator at Preus Museum, Hanne Holm-Johansen, was also about to retire. As a result of these societal and internal changes, we decided to offer a digital workshop program for a group of people whose only thing in common was that they were close to retirement age. 


The group of 12 participants were from all over the country, and their ideas and thoughts impacted the workshop program. The group was quick to decide that the program was to be stretched over the whole summer. This way, they had plenty of time to work with their images and their texts. During the workshop period, the participants worked long-term on various photo assignments based on time, place and room. At the same time, we had weekly online meetings where we collectively discussed images and existential topics. 

Towards the end of the workshop period, the participants decided what they wanted to focus on in their images and texts. They then spent the remaining time working on and finalizing their projects based on their areas of interests.


Bryony Harris, Images of Belonging, 2020

(foto: Ana Gonçalves/Preus museum)

In September, as a conclusion to the project, a joint gathering was arranged for the participants. After months behind screens, it was truly great to spend some time together and to get to know each other in real life. By the end of the closing weekend, intense work was done to finalize the latest selection of books and text from a very productive workshop. Rebecca Jafari ran a course on how to make personal photographic books. She helped encourage and assist the participants in the selection process. 


Jafari’s workshop was very inspiring and helped the participants land their projects. After the workshop, the participants completed their photobooks for the TIME PLACE ROOM project. These books are unique, handmade objects and the pictures and texts derived from them have become part of the Preus museum collection. 


For you, as the audience, to gain insight into the individual point of view, you can click on the links below for a digital presentation of the books:


Jørunn Solheim Hotvedt, Tid, Sted, Rom 60+, 2020

(foto: Ana Gonçalves) 



Ståle Hansen, Betraktninger: Mai – Oktober 2020, 2020

(foto: Ana Gonçalves/Preus museum)