Previous exhibitions

Rune Eraker

23.09.2018 - 17.03.2019

What does the impact of climate change look like? Who feels the results of our exploitation of the planet we all live on?

Edward Burtynsky

23.09.2018 - 17.03.2019

Since the beginning of his thirty-years career, Edward Burtynsky has always centered his objective in the effects of human intervention on nature.

Lola Álvarez Bravo

18.03. - 02.09.2018

Lola Álvarez Bravo took advantage of a wind of artistic freedom to unfold after the revolution in 1910 to -20 in Mexico.

Alinka Echeverría

18.03. - 02.09.2018

The project shows devout Mexican pilgrims carrying their personal image of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the anniversary of her apparition in 1531.

Bending the Frame

How can images make a difference? Can photography tell us something new or something different about the world we live in?

The Young Lions

The present exhibition celebrates the fortieth anniversary of Fotogalleriet, the Oslo-based gallery that has been at the forefront of establishing photography as an artistic medium in Nor...


We constantly mirror ourselves, comparing ourselves to others. At the same time, becoming familiar with oneself is an important part of the process of maturing into an independent in...

From Vision Machines to Instagram

The Preus museum's fantastic collection sheds light on the many aspects of photography in this exhibition.  

A History of Photography

Get an insight into the rich history of photography! The exhibition gives an acquaintance with the pre-photographic technologies where the idea of an image was created, then moves to the...

Wall of Fame: Marianne Heske

Marianne Heske is best known for the Project Gjerdeløa, in which she moved a small house from the countryside of Tafjord to Paris and back again, with the virtually iconic photographs.

Wall of fame: Arnold Newman

Arnold Newman (1918-2006) wanted his portraits to show the special relationship the person had with her or his world via symbolism and physical surroundings.

Edvard Munch/Experiments

Edvard Munch is Norway's most famous artist. He painted, drew, created graphics and photographed. In everything he did, we see his experimental way of working.

Variable Stars

In her work Toril Johannessen (b. 1978) takes inspiration from fields such as philosophy, science, the history of technology, and the history of photography. Her many varied forms of expression share a basic curiosity about how our conception of the world is created.

For the Sake of Colour

In her work Vilde Salhus Røed  (b. 1981) frequently employs photography in conjunction with text and sculptural objects. From the time of her studies she has investigated the materia...

Wall of Fame

One wall was dedicated to famous phtographers in the exhibition The History of Photography. Every third month there was a new photographer.

The History of Space Photography

This exhibition reveals the fantastic variety of outer-space photography from the early 1800s until today. On display are the most important images from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries...

Ernest Cole - Photographer

Ernest Cole Photographer brings together 113 original, extremely rare black-and-white silver gelatin prints from Cole’s stunning archive, now housed at the Hasselblad Foundation, which to...

Margaret Bourke-White

Utstillingen fordyper seg i arbeidet til denne unike fotografen som så en lukket dør som noe tiltalende, og som utrettelig forberedte nye historier. Utstillingen fokuserer spesielt på arb...

Nick Brandt

Nick Brandt – portrettfotografen med et hjerte for Øst-Afrikas utrydningstruede dyr.Med den storslagne afrikanske naturen som bakgrunn, og med elefanter, løver og giraffer som motiv, gjør...

Bodies, Borders, Crossings

Utstillingen Bodies, Borders, Crossings presenterer ti finske samtidskunstnere som arbeider med fotografi og video. Utstillingen utforsker temaer som grenser i en globalisert verden og kr...

Kvinnelig stemmerett - 100 år

Å presentere Marie Høeg i forbindelse med 100 års jubileet for kvinners stemmerett er en selvfølge. Hun var aktiv kvinnesakskvinne og fikk betydning både her i Horten og nasjonalt.