Sunprint Workshop

We conjure up pictures with the help of sun, water, and magic paper!

  • Students get to conjure up photograms with the help of sun, water, and magic paper! In the summer half of the year we use the sun's help, in the winter half we use small facial solariums. Special blue paper is what makes it all possible. We lay objects on it that create shadows, then expose the paper to sunlight. The blue color bleaches out when the sun hits it, and we get a print of the object we put on the paper. Afterward we rinse the paper in water, and the picture is reversed at the same time that it becomes fixed. A simple and fascinating photographic technique!
  • Grade level: 1-7
  • Time period: 30-45 min. (60-90 min. including guided tour)

 NB: The recommended time of year is after Easter and before the fall school break. This is because the setup works best when we can expose the pictures in sunlight, and UV-radiation is highest in this time period.

Sunprint (Photo: Preus museum)