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Make festive decorations from photographs

Tia Kristine Hvarnes made a festive decoration of herself(foto: Ingri Østerholt/Preus museum)

You can do this DIY-project at jome, or at the museum with your school-class.

Take a photograph - it's extra fun to make a decoration with a selfie!

Fold the photograph in half

Fold back and crease one edge about one cm...

...then fold the other edge to match.

Unfold so you are left with a crease.


Cut 1/2 cm strips, cut up to the crease you just created.

Do this all along the photograph.

Fold the piece of paper so that the image is now facing inside-out.

Re-crease the folds.

Join one end to the other using sticky tape. Fan out.

Attach a string tou your decoration, and it is ready for the Christmas tree!

The idea is taken from The Photographers Gallery, London.