Kubbe (Cubby) at the museum

A special place for kindergarten children. We read aloud and the children take photographs.

We gather in the museum library and read aloud from the book "Kubbe lager museum [Cubby Makes a Museum]" by Åshild Kanstad Johnsen. Afterward children can try to document objects from the museum with the help of our robust cameras.

Kindergarten children take photographs in the kaleidoscope (Photo: Preus museum)

The book talks about Kubbe (Cubby), who loves to collect all the fine things he discovers in the forest. There are so many treasures out there, he thinks. He takes all the treasures home and puts them in nice boxes. But one day all the boxes are full! Then Kubbe starts his own museum in his own house.

The museum is a big success – almost too big, Kubbe thinks... The very idea – will he have to stand in line to use his own toilet the rest of his life?! Kubbe figures out that he can document all his treasures by taking pictures of them and gluing the photographs in an album. Afterward he puts the things back in the woods.

We talk together about what the book deals with, find out how the cameras work, and go on a treasure hunt in the exhibition "A History of Photography."

  • The facility is suitable for smaller groups of children just starting school.
  • Advance reservation required.

For barnehagegrupper er besøk og evt. verksted på Preus museum gratis

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"Kubbe lager museum [Cubby Makes a Museum]" by Åshild Kanstad Johnsen