The workshop TIME in Berg prison

Den personen jeg var før var veldig glad i å gjøre andre glade - glad i å kunne føle andre menneskers glede.


Foto: Geir-Atle

In 2017 Preus museum invited photographer Tina Enghoff and prison priest Kamille Nygård to hold a week-long workshop for eight inmates at Søndre Vestfold Prison, department Berg.

Together they reflected upon the term TIME and the result was an exhibition and a book. In the centre is eight personal stories told through the prisoners' pictures and text fragments.

“Am I at a standstill in time or is time standing still for me?” writes one of the participants in the project. The pictures and texts express not only frustration, hopelessness and a deep sensation of being erased as humans, but also hope – hope that the world is still within reach. One of the participants said, “It is as if we have been given a face.”

The stories we are faced with are brave and give us a clear vision of what it must feel like when a person is deprived of liberty. TIME is a vital testimony from the eight inmates and has thus become an important contribution to the debate around how society executes punishment. The project is diverse and helps confront the prejudices the outside world has towards a group of people that live their lives in a different timeline than the rest of us.


Online exhibition

Would you like to see the images and read the texts from The workshop TIME from the Søndre Vestfold Prison, department Berg? 


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Foto: Jan