Kindergarten children take photos in the kaleidoscope. (Photo: Ingri Østerholt/Preus museum)


"The kindergarten will communicate values and culture, leave room for the child's own cultural formation, and contribute to all children's experiencing happiness and competence in a social and cultural community."

- Kindergarten law §2

Let the kindergartners go on discovery trips among mirrors, shadow theaters, mystical cameras, and old photos.

We're delighted to have visits from kindergartens! The permanent exhibition A History of Photography is fine to see. Many exciting objects are at eye-level for small children. We also have a room specially dedicated to children where they can play with mirrors and various optical phenomena. Please contact us if you'd like a tour of these facilities. Kindergarten groups have free admission to the museum.

We have a dedicated space for kindergarten children where we read aloud from the book "Kubbe lager museum [Cubby Makes a Museum]" by Åshild Kanstad Johnsen. Afterward children can try to document objects from the museum with the help of our robust cameras.

Appropriate for smaller groups of children just starting school (maximum eight children). Advance reservation required.

For barnehagegrupper er besøk og evt. verksted på Preus museum gratis

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