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Week 34 - 2019

Eggheads and other memory images from kindergarten

Vega, Nordskogen barnehage

Eggheads and other memory images from kindergarten

In meeting with childrens great and crucial curiosity us adults are often pressed up against the wall, for yes, what really is that thing you ask about, or why is it like that? We are pushed towards the most distant edges of the universe, and back again to the small; to the details we thought had turned invisible to us. To have children or be amongst children enables us in many ways to discover the world once more. Perhaps that's a good reason why we should listen more intently to what they have to say?
In the project Childrens photographic expressions, a collaboration between kindergartens in Horten municipality, the national photo museum - Preus Museum and the University of South-East Norway, gives children an opportunity to showcase life in kindergarten using their own photographs along with their interpretations of them. Let’s see what the photographer Vega herself says about her image:

Vega: They're eggheads that looks like pee.
Adult: What are eggheads?
Vega: You know… Those heads that he has in the book. He who’s got an egghead that breaks.
Adult: Like Odd? In the book “Odd is an Egg”?
Vega: Yes! But it looks like gold and pee.

Yes, if we look one extra time, perhaps it could’ve been eggheads, but made of gold, or pee. It might look a bit sticky and icky, something we wouldn't normally have paid any attention to, but it's something this child find intriguing. It's something that reminds her of a book she’s read, a book about a boy with a head like an egg. It can break at any time, which means he’s afraid to do what other kids do. The book made an impression and it colours her experience of what she sees in kindergarten. How amusing it is that we adults can observe the world using this outlook. “Don't be so childish!”, says Albert Åberg’s dad, but Albert exclaims back; don't be so grownupish!”. From 18th of August you can view the result of this research work in the exhibition «Memory Images» at Preus Museum. At the end of the exhibition in January 2020, the material will become part of the museums collection as well as a part of the norwegian cultural inheritance. Visit the Preus Museum and experience these pictures taken by children, and if you’d like you can bring along with you Alberts advice.