Week 34 - 2015

 Close to everyday life

© Linda Bournane Engelberth, From the series "You can call me a gypsie if you want to"

Close to everyday life


Documentary photographers often work on long-term projects,  which can be incompatible with the daily press' need for quick and efficient delivery. The Freedom of Expression Foundation (Fritt Ord) supports a documentary project called «Norwegian Journal of Photography» where photographers are given the possibility to immerse themselves over time. Linda Bournane Engelberths documentary series «You can call me a gypsie if you want to” is one of the supported projects. She gained an unusual degree of access to a relatively closed community that does not ordinarily welcome outsiders, all the way into the daily routines.

"I am eager to continue my documentary by delving more deeply into their everyday lives, including the periods when they are not out travelling. I want to examine more closely how they live when they come home, and how the situation in their native country forces them to leave, again and again, to earn a living."

Linda Bournane Engelberth is the festival exhibitor of Photography Day 2015, and will also give a talk about the project August 23.