Week 35 - 2017

Against her will

#Dysturb poster on Stallen Galleri og Kafé with photo by Noriko Hayashi (photo: Benjamin Petit/Dysturb)

Against her will

Have you noticed the big posters that have been pasted on walls around Horten town? #Dysturb is a network of photojournalists driven by the desire to make visual information freely accessible to a wider audience by pasting large images in city streets. For Preus museum and Horten, they have made a campaign focusing on violence aganist women. 


The caption reads: 

A 26-year-old man and an elderly female relative talk to 20 year old Farida at his home. He is trying to convince her to marry him after he abducted her from the street in Naryn. He says: 'I promise you that you will be happy in the future so please marry me' to which she replies: 'You know that I have a boyfriend. Even if I married you, there would be no love in our married life.' Although illegal, non-consensual kidnapping is still happening. They are known as 'Ala Kachuu' that translates as 'to grab and run away'. 10 hours later, Farida’s brother arrived and rescued her from the family of a man who has kidnapped her. Few month later, Farida got married to her boyfriend.


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