High School


According to the Læringsplakaten (national educational mission statement), the school should

"stimulate students (...) in their personal development and identity, furthering their ethical, social and cultural competence and powers of democratic understanding and democratic participation"



- Education Act § 1-2

High School students test their knowledge in the Photo Quiz (Photo: Kirsti Fiskebøl/Preus museum)

Visiting Preus Museum is an obvious choice for media courses, but also for other subject areas that may be greatly enriched by a visit to the museum of photography.

Many exhibitions have themes that connect with education in such areas as history or Norwegian culture, or personal identity and self-representation.

Preus Museum's area of responsibility revolves around photography as a totality. Our exhibitions reflect this and rotate among contemporary art, modernistic photography, historical presentations, and the history of culture. The exhibitions are changed approximately three times per year.  In addition we have a permanent exhibition, "A History of Photography," which shows the development of photographic technology and photography as a medium.

Learn more about current exhibitions.

Curious about connections between camera technology and the esthetics of photography? Take a look at Our History of Photography!

Workshops appropriate for High School
We've gathered our workshop offerings in the Photo Workshop.
For high-school grade levels we'd like very much to recommend the Photo Quiz as a fun ending to a museum visit. 
The Photo Workshop also has a darkroom that can be used for shorter visits or those involving extended time periods.

School visits and workshops at Preus museum are free of charge

For questions, messages, or requests about other installations, please contact Ingri Østerholt, education:
telephone 33 03 16 30, direct line 95767171

email: ingri.osterholt@preusmuseum.no
or the museum: post@preusmuseum.no