The Photo Workshop

The museum's own photo workshop for schoolchildren and youth!

Here you can find all the offerings of our workshop

Elementary and middle school

We have broad offerings designed for school classes. All such offerings are free of charge.

High School

Visiting Preus Museum is an obvious choice for media courses, but also for other subject areas that may be greatly enriched by a visit to the museum of photography.


Exhibitions at the museum lend themselves well to absorbed viewing on one's own, but may be even better in connection with a guided tour.


Let the kindergartners go on discovery trips among mirrors, shadow theaters, mystical cameras, and old photos.

Image of the week

Every week, we post a photograph, a book or a technical object from the collection or the current exhibition with an explanatory text.

Prosjektet TID STED ROM

TID, STED, ROM er et viktig ledd i Preus museums arbeid med å utvikle museet som en arena ikke bare for kunnskap og opplevelse, men også for kritisk refleksjon og skapende innsikt. F...

Digitalt formidlingstilbud

Her finner du ressurser du som lærer (eller elev) kan ha nytte av i undervisningen!

Omvisning med synstolking

Er du blind eller svaksynt, tilbyr Preus museum egne omvisninger med synstolking.