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Outdoor exhibition: Iconic images

From 13.06.20
To 31.12.20

Welcome to an outdoor exhibition that you can experience strolling around beautiful Karljohansvern!

What is an iconic image? Is it an image that provoces us? An image that forces us into some kind of emotional state? Inspires, or enchants? There may not be such a simple definition of an iconic image.

Icon is Greek for "image". In the orthodox church the word was early used as an image that represented Jesus, Maria or the Apostles. Today we use the word for a particular image. An image so catching that we remember it, and therefore is so connected to a special incident that it can represent the incident itself.

In this  exhibition we have selected a number of photographs that most will agree as iconic from the definition above. There are pictures that point to important events in the world and important events in Norway.

Click on the pictures to read a text about each of them.


Outdoor exhibition: Iconic images

Installation photo (photo: Ingri Østerholt/Preus museum)

Ukjent Fotograf/NASA, The Blue Marble — Earth as seen by Apollo 17 in 1972. Tilhører Preus museums samling

©Mickan Palmquist: “15 year-old Greta Thunberg is school striking for the climate outside Riksdagen. She will sit here everyday until the election.” Stockholm, 21.08.2018/ DN / TT / NTB Scanpix

© Pete Souza (1954-), The Situation Room, 1. mai 2011. Reuters / NTB Scanpix

© Seth McAllister, Twin Towers 11. September 2001. AFP PHOTO / NTB Scanpix

© Joe Rosenthal, Flag Raising on Iwo Jima, 1945. AP / NTB Scanpix

© Nick Ut (1951-), The Terror of War, 1972. AP / NTB Scanpix

United Press International, Rosa Parks på en Montgomery-buss i 1956, The Granger Collection/ NTB Scanpix

John Dominis, Black Power Salute, 1968, AP / NTB Scanpix

© Jeff Widener, Tank Man, 1989. AP / NTB Scanpix

Li Wenliang, selfie fra sykesengen, 2020. Li Wenliang/Gan En Fund via Reuters / NTB Scanpix

Johannes Stage, The Home Force occupy Akershus Fortress, 11th of May 1945. Belongs to the Preus Museum's collection

Ukjent fotograf, Frigjøringen: Kronprins Olav får en varm velkomst da han kommer tilbake til Norge, 1945. NTB arkivfoto / SCANPIX

Photo credits: The Police Surveillance Agency, Arne Treholt, Gennadij Titov and Aleksandr Lopatin photographed in Vienna 20th of August 1983.

Helge Mikalsen, Utøya 27. juli 2011. Preus Museum Collection