Current exhibitions

Current exhibitions

Photo: Ana Gonçalves/Preus museum

Through the exhibition program, Preus Museum displays Norwegian and international photography. Photographs from the collection are also shown, commenting the history of photography. The exhibition horizon is long, showing a combination of self-produced exhibitions and inaugural exhibitions, both national and international.

Over the Rainbow

Queer Culture Year 2022 
What kind of exhibition can we imagine that Marie Høeg and Bolette Berg themselves would have appreciated?

Kjære deg!

I punktutstillingen Kjære deg finner du tolv brev fra kjente fotografer, forskere og oppfinnere som har satt sitt preg på de mange fotohistoriene. Brev og annen skriftlig kommun...

Marie & Bolette + Paulina

28.5. - 15.10.22
Marie & Bolette + Paulina
Utendørs utstilling

The Collector Leif Preus

18.2.2021 We offer you the story of the founder of the museum

A history of photography

The exhibition gives an acquaintance with the pre-photographic technologies where the idea of an image was created, then moves to the enormous breadth of experimentation and research that...