The Preus Museum conservation department offers the possibility of interships for students and collegues in the fields of conservation. 

From 2007, interns from the Czech Republic, Israel, Denmark, Switzerland and Norway have used this opportunity. Interns are integrated into the conservation studio with specific tasks relevant to Preus Museum's collection and exhibition activities.

Applicants for an internship at the Preus Museum conservation department should have completed their Bachelor of Arts education in the field of photograph conservation, paper and book or graphic arts conservation. Normally, the interns in the department are students on the way to their master’s degree in conservation. The reason being that interns in the museum often need to work to a degree independently on the projects they are assigned to.


Colleagues from other fields in conservation which would like to gain some practice should have an BA or better MA in their field of expertise.


Applications should include a short CV and the documentation which show the qualifications of the applicant.


The future intern has to secure necessary finical support since the museum has no resources to financially support interns during their stay.

Applications are to be e-mailed to photograph conservator Jens Gold.  

The interns Iva Lukešová og Tereza
Cermanová work on a damaged photograph.
Photo: Jens Gold.