Photography is a large field that embraces both esthetic and technical considerations. For some the greatest importance lies in equipment and the fascination of technical concerns; for others it is the creation of images or documentation of what happens in the external world.

One thing is certain. It is equipment — that is, camera, lens, and chemistry, along with film and paper — that provides the framework for what the photographer can possibly do. At the same time, good photographers know beforehand which images they want to record and choose equipment accordingly. Selection of equipment depends both on what the photographs should be or be used for, and on the photographer's personality, his or her temperament and creativity.

So this is an introduction to the history of photography via the relation between camera and image. In some cases the picture is taken with the actual camera; in others, the picture is taken by an appropriately corresponding camera.

Daguerreotype Photographing

Daguerreotype was the first usable photographic process. It was invented by French Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre and Nicephore Niepce.

Carte de Visite

This small visiting-card photograph isn't a completely normal portrait, but a little staged "party" with two friends. The French photographer Disdéri is thought to have invented carte-de-visite, or visiting card, portraiture.


Stereoscopy is the great-great-grandfather of modern 3D. The background of modern 3D lies in a discovery made nearly 200 years ago.

Box Cameras

The Kodak camera, with film on roll, represented a revolutionary change in photography. The slogan "You press the button, we do the rest", explains why this camera was the start of an explosion of memory photographs.

Traveling with the camera

When you were traveling, the Folding Cameras were easy to use and easy to carry, and the lens was well protected when the camera was stowed.


When the first Rolleiflex dual-lens reflex camera was introduced in 1929, it was a sensation, and it quickly became a popular camera for professional photographers.


Mobile camera has made photography available, always present - and volatile.