Welcome to Preus Museum's webshop

Our webshop has a wide selection of high quality photo literature, post cards, cameras, analogue film and gift items. You will also find the catalogues and books of the museum. The webshop can unfortunately not send abroad, but if you visit the museum you will find everything in the museum shop.

If you have any requests, please contact post@preusmuseum.no.

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En fotohistorie

kr 524,00 inc. VAT

Wilse - Mitt Norge

kr 499,00 inc. VAT

Lens Shot Glasses

kr 189,00 inc. VAT


kr 230,00 inc. VAT


kr 110,00 inc. VAT

Tokyo Camera Style

kr 193,00 inc. VAT

Lomo'Instant hvit

kr 868,00 inc. VAT

Lomo LC-A+

kr 1.998,00 inc. VAT

Belair X 6-12 kamera, Lomography

kr 1.962,00 inc. VAT

Diana F+ kamera

kr 340,00 inc. VAT

Diana F+ med blits

kr 699,00 inc. VAT

Diana F+ CMYK Camerakit

kr 789,00 inc. VAT

Fujifilm Instax Instant Film

kr 149,00 inc. VAT

Diana F+ Gold Camerakit

kr 865,00 inc. VAT

Paint Can Pinhole Camera

kr 120,00 inc. VAT

Diana Flash+

kr 379,00 inc. VAT

Blitsveske Diana Flash+

kr 215,00 inc. VAT

Kameraveske Diana F+

kr 310,00 inc. VAT

Kameraveske SuperSampler

kr 198,00 inc. VAT

Kunsten å Falle

kr 150,00 inc. VAT

Norsk Landskap 1987

kr 80,00 inc. VAT

Leif Preus - fotograf

kr 60,00 inc. VAT


kr 98,00 inc. VAT


kr 80,00 inc. VAT

Kopp Porselen

kr 198,00 inc. VAT

Sunprint kit 10x10

kr 49,00 inc. VAT

Sunprint Refill 20x30

kr 75,00 inc. VAT

Sunprint Refill 10x10

kr 34,00 inc. VAT

Instabook Snapshot 4 x 4

kr 94,00 inc. VAT

Instabook Paprika 4 x 4

kr 94,00 inc. VAT
Bakgrunn kr 80,00 inc. VAT