Bending the Frame

From 15.10
To 04.03

The exhibition Bending the Frame focuses on documentary photography that seeks to make a difference and to set an agenda. Can photography tell us something new about the world we live in, the exhibition asks. 

Based on the American professor Fred Ritchin’s book Bending the Frame and in cooperation with him and the Danish photographer Tina Enghoff, Fotografisk Center has curated an exhibition that focuses on current global issues such as war, migration, racism, climate change etc.

©Line Anda Dalmar, Building Mountains, (2015)
Photo: Line Anda Dalmar

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Building Mountains can be seen as a depiction of certain consequences of climate change. In the course of a week Dalmar dug up over a ton of earth from a lake and built mountains of it. At high tide they were flooded, and she had to build them up again.

In Bending the Frame we show photography, video, film, books, and internet-based projects of international and Nordic photographers and visual artists. The exhibition includes both older and new works. The idea is to present strategies within visual art, documentary and journalistic photography, which convey other stories than the ones we often meet in conventional news media.

©Celia A. Shapiro: "John Rook – 09/19/1986" from the series Last Suppers (1999-2001)

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Last Suppers re-creates a number of condemned prisoners' last meals before their executions, drawing attention to the their personalities, social backgrounds, and the violence of institutionalized killing. The text for Shapiro’s photo-essay published in 2004 began: “When Arkansas executed Rickey Ray Rector back when Bill Clinton was governor, the mentally impaired inmate famously set aside half of his last meal—a pecan pie—for after the execution.”

The exhibition is produced by Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen in collaboration with Preus museum. Curators: Fred Ritchin and Tina Enghoff. The exhibition was shown in Fotografisk Center 27.08 - 23.10.2016

©Annika Von Hauswolff, An Oral Story of Economic Structures, (2012). Courtesy Hasselblad Foundation

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Hauswolffs photographs of gold teeth revolve around the absurdity that something as intimate as a person's dentures are made into economic objects. Her work raises the question of our humanity in relationship to intimate objects from other persons’ lives.


The exhibition at Preus museum is expanded with photographs from our own collection, newly acquired icons and new projects. The poster exhibition #WomenMatter by #Dysturb, pasted in the streets of Horten, is also part of Bending the Frame.  

Installation photo of Bending the Frame in Fotografisk Center, Copehagen (photo: Kevin Broadbery/Fotografisk Center)

Bending the Frame

©Gideon Mendel: ”The Story of Nomphilo Mazuza” (2004 –2007), from the series We Are Living Here (1980s-)