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Bending the Frame

How can images make a difference? Can photography tell us something new or something different about the world we live in?

Bending the Frame

©Chris Jordan, Midway: Message from the Gyre (2009 - present)

The museum was founded in 1995 when the Norwegian Government bought the collections that belonged to Preus Fotomuseum, a private museum. The Norwegian State is the owner of the museum. In May 2001 the museum moved into Magasin A at Karljohansvern in Horten, about one hours drive from Oslo. The interior decoration is drawn by Architect Sverre Fehn. The collections contains photographies, ather kind of images, cameras and other technical equipment that shed light on the history of photography. There is a wide representation of the international history of photography in the image collection. Preus museum's library holds international standard.

Current Exhibition

A history of Photography

A history of Photography

From the exhibition A History of Photography (photo: Andreas Harvik/Preus museum)

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#Dysturb - outdoor paste-up exhibition in Horten

#Dysturb presents photo journalism in a new and innovative way, completely independent from the restrictions of conventional news publishing channels. 

#Dysturb is an international group of freelance photographers who work on the streets and in urban spaces.

Please find images of posters and the captions below.

Go to #Dysturb - outdoor paste-up exhibition in Horten Go to #Dysturb - outdoor paste-up exhibition in Horten

#Dysturb - outdoor paste-up exhibition in Horten

#Dysturb poster at Horten Skatepark with photo by Eman Helal (photo: Benjamin Petit/Dysturb)


19 February 2018

Vi har gått inn i hundens år, ifølge det kinesiske horoskopet. Det skal visstnok bli et mer balansert år enn 2017. Vi markerer det med et fotografi av Marie Høeg og en balanserende Tuss, hunden til de to portrettfotografene Marie Høeg og Bolette Berg, som holdt til i Horten rundt forrige århundreskifte. // Welcome to the Year of the Dog, apparently a more balanced one than 2017. We celebrate with this image of Marie Høeg and a balancing “Tuss” ????: Bolette Berg og Marie Høeg, ca. 1895-1903. Til

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